International pet transport

International pet transportAre you planning to relocate your pets overseas in the near future? Moving animals overseas is a complex process. At Legend International Transport, we only use pet transportation specialists with a proven record in managing the quarantine and customs complexities inherent in international animal relocation.

Any pet owner who has tackled the daunting task of relocating such sensitive cargo is fully aware of the intricate details and unforeseen events that such a project can involve. For the inexperienced, sorting through the maze of shots, health certificates and strict quarantine regulations that vary from one country to another ads undue stress to the already complex task of overseas relocation.

We at Legend International Transport know how important it is that your pet travel only when complete care has been taken to ensure a safe trip. To guarantee the comfort and safety of your pet throughout its international voyage, we have teamed up with a premium pet shipping affiliate. Together, we can make the international relocation of you and your pets a smooth and easier experience.

There are stringent Federal Regulations regarding the size and type of container in which your pet must travel. Together, we can make the international relocation of your shipment and your pets a smooth and easier experience.

Our agents transports your pet to and from the airport with the maximum safety and comfort of your pet in mind. The vehicles are clean, quiet, heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. Legend International Transport, your pet gets pampered every step of the way.

International pet delivery